Gretchen Menn / グレチェン メン(guitarist/model)



Gretchen Menn

Guitarist, music equipment endorser, composer, model

Gretchen is a highly-respected guitar player who has gained a strong following both in the instrumental music genre as well as hard rock. With her stunning looks, flaming red hair, and quick-fingered guitar mastery, she makes everyone stop and take notice. Her first solo album, Hale Souls (instrumental guitar) has already been released, and she is now finishing her second album. She continues to make frequent appearances with the Led Zeppelin tribute band Zepparella, which recently played to crowds of 3,000-5,000 on the U.S. West Coast. She is unmistakable as a female version of Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, and is one of the few female guitarists who has mastered his playing style.

She has also played with instrumental acoustic duo Lapdance Armageddon, rock trio Sticks and Stones, and AC/DC tribute band AC/DShe. With each collaboration she develops new playing techniques and expands her repertoire of songs.

She currently endorses several music equipment brands, is a frequent spokesperson at music trade shows and conventions, and is invited to join other guitar virtuosi (such as Steve Morse) at their performances.

To complement her jet-setting lifestyle, Gretchen is also a licensed pilot who used to fly commercial jets for a regional airline before concentrating on her guitar work.

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Professional skills:

Electric guitarist, acoustic guitarist, brand endorser, music composer, commercial airline pilot (Embraer 145/135 regional jets), certified flight instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI)



Promotions/Endorsements to date:

Music Man (guitars)

DiMarzio (guitar cables, guitar pickups and accessories)

GHS (guitar strings)

Providence (guitar effects pedals)

Engl (amplifiers)

Sadowsky (nylon string electric guitars)

Santa Cruz Guitar Company (acoustic guitars)


2013 Selected Appearances:

Vancouver, Canada (October 2013) with Zepparella

Lake Tahoe, Nevada (August 2013) with Zepparella

Albuquerque, New Mexico (August 2013) with Zepparella

Ridgestock Expo, Nevada City, Nevada (August 2013) with Zepparella

Concord Music Series, Concord, California (August 2013) with Zepparella

Eugene Celebration, Eugene, Oregon (August 2013) with Zepparella

Guitar Shred Fest, Livermore, California (May 2012)

Oakland Music Complex, Oakland California (May 2012)

Monarch, San Francisco, California (April 2013)

Regency Center, the Lodge, San Francisco, California (March 2013)




Magazine Covers/Articles:

Pure Guitar

Guitar Player Magazine

Guitar Player Magazine: Gear

Gitarre & Bass Magazine (in German)

Grand Guitars (article)

The Sound Guitar Magazine

Airplanista Magazine

Guitar World


Truth in Shredding (website)

Rictus (in French)



Gretchen Menn, solo work
Oleo Strut:


Scrap Metal:


Captured Barricade:




Valentino’s Victory Lap:



with Zepparella
Dazed and Confused:


When the Levee Breaks:


with Lapdance Armageddon